Breaking Through Implicit Bias in Maternal Healthcare

A one-hour module co-developed by Quality Interactions and March of Dimes. This module presents the cognitive basis for implicit bias, the effects of structural racism on maternal health outcomes, and strategies to improve patient interactions.

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Learning from Adverse Maternal Events in Maryland

A one-hour module developed by MDMOM with support from Dr. William Callaghan, a national expert on maternal health. It presents de-identified cases from the Maryland Maternal Mortality Review and the Maryland Severe Maternal Morbidity Surveillance and offers strategies for early recognition and management of severe pregnancy complications.

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Managing Bias in the Care of Patients with Substance Use Disorder

A one-hour module developed by MDMOM with support from Dr. Mishka Terplan, a national expert on substance use in pregnancy. This module presents evidence of bias in the care of childbearing people with substance use disorder and strategies for bias mitigation.

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