Breaking Through Implicit Bias in Maternal Healthcare

A one-hour module co-developed by Quality Interactions and March of Dimes. This module presents the cognitive basis for implicit bias, the effects of structural racism on maternal health outcomes, and strategies to improve patient interactions.

JULY 2022 UPDATE: The March of Dimes has updated this training for new users. If the "View Course" button below is disabled, please contact your manager or department leader for instructions to access this training through a new platform.

Learning from Adverse Maternal Events in Maryland

Welcome to the Learning from Adverse Maternal Events in Maryland e-training. This course aims to improve outcomes for obstetric patients. Dr. William Callaghan, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist and maternal health expert, formerly at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Dr. Shari Lawson, Assistant Professor in the Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, developed this e-training module for the Maryland Maternal Health Innovation Program with funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration.


Part 1:

Overview of trends in maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity (26 minutes)

Part 2:

Case reviews of maternal mortality (3 cases / 16 minutes)

Case reviews of severe maternal morbidity (4 cases / 13 minutes)

Coming soon

Managing Bias in the Care of Patients with Substance Use Disorder

A one-hour module developed by MDMOM with support from Dr. Mishka Terplan, a national expert on substance use in pregnancy. This module presents evidence of bias in the care of childbearing people with substance use disorder and strategies for bias mitigation.

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