MDMOM users may want to register for an account to be able to make changes to the website or take training. The user can register for an account using the Register button on the login page.

When the user clicks the Register button, a form is displayed. This form allows the user to enter a Username and Password along with their First Name, Last Name, Email and information about their Organization and more.

View Sample Filled-In Form

User registration involves the following 4 steps:
  1. After filling the form and clicking on register, if the user is registered in Implicit Bias course, they will be redirected to the coursecatalog page skipping steps 2 and 3. On the coursecatalog page the user can click view course button for the course they are required to take.

  2. If the user is not registered in a course, the user will be receiving an email to confirm their registered email. Confirm email for your account by clicking on the confirmation link.

  3. The account is ready to Login using the Username and Password set while registering for the account at

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