Scheduled from July 23, 2020

Please join the US Agency for International Development (USAID)s MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership for its second webinar of the three-part knowledge exchange webinar series. Country leaders will discuss practical strategies on mitigating the disruption of essential services for child health and immunization during the COVID-19 pandemic. Children continue to need vaccinations and treatment for severe childhood illnesses like diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria, which are responsible for the majority of childhood deaths. Some countries have paused immunization campaigns amidst the outbreak and several have reported a decline in demand and uptake of child health and immunization services arising from parents' fear of exposure to COVID-19 in the health care setting. These fears include uncertainty about service availability, difficulty finding transport to immunization clinics during travel restrictions and lockdowns, and a general reduction in vaccine confidence due to misinformation surrounding COVID-19 and vaccination. This series brings together global and country partners, including ministry of health counterparts, to capture and exchange country experiences to ensure that countries disseminate and adopt best practices during these challenging times. We will highlight strategies to maintain provision of essential child health and immunization services, maintain appropriate demand for services, and strengthen the enabling environment through modification of policies, scenario planning, and improved information gathering and tracking.
  • MDMOM | Baltimore, MD
  • Maryland Maternal Health Innovation Program
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